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Will US Launch Nuclear First Strike On Russia and China?

Will US Launch Nuclear First Strike On Russia and China?

Dave Hodges views US Nuclear First Strike on Russia and China as possibility, after reading recent Paul Craig Roberts article. Hodges dismissed nuclear first strike, initially, but concludes after research, evidence exists for threat!   A June 22, 2014 date gets bandied about online, in reference to Simpsons episode as one more event telegraphed into our collective mind.
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Is Putin False Opposition?


Henry Makow suspects “…dialectical opposition between Russia and the US is a little too neat to be credible. It’s almost as if the USSR and the USA have changed places,” in article, Is Putin False Opposition? All the world is a stage, according to Illuminati puppeteers, people reminded at these times of Albert Pike’s vision of three world wars.   Makow aptly describes our manipulated condition as mere pawns for the world’s big players:  “In March, when Hillary Clinton compared Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler, she was preparing the framework for World War Three.  Like the Second World War, the potential Third will represent resistance to Masonic Jewish world hegemony. It will pit nationalists against (Zionist) “globalists.”  The only question is whether, like Hitler, Putin represents ‘false opposition.'”
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