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Will US Launch Nuclear First Strike On Russia and China?

Will US Launch Nuclear First Strike On Russia and China?

Dave Hodges views US Nuclear First Strike on Russia and China as possibility, after reading recent Paul Craig Roberts article. Hodges dismissed nuclear first strike, initially, but concludes after research, evidence exists for threat!   A June 22, 2014 date gets bandied about online, in reference to Simpsons episode as one more event telegraphed into our collective mind.
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China Buying Out Federal Reserve

China Buying Out Federal Reserve

Dave Hodges doesn’t varnish truth in recent four part series, World War III Has Already Been Lost and the Chinese Are In the Process of Occupying Amerika,” a chilling account of how China (and Russia) may takeover the United States.  A primary reason for creation of this website credited to tracking death of Federal Reserve suspicion abounds Fed is as much cult as Central Bank.
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‘In the Shadow of Hermes – The Secrets of Communism’

'In the Shadow of Hermes - The Secrets of Communism'

Juri Lina produced in 2009 not only an alternative history of Communism, but also of the United States.  Lina makes it clear Freemasons viewed United States as a new base of operations.  In jam-packed two hours,In the Shadow of Hermes – The Secrets of Communism,” Lina will change your view of history, making it clear Bolsheviks took their orders from Jacob Schiff of Kuhn Loeb & Co. in New York City.  You get real scoop on communism from Lina based on his book, “Under the Sign of the Scorpion,” who narrates documentary in Swedish (English subtitles).   You’ll have to watch more than once to absorb all Lina throws at viewer.  Freemason revolution so pervasive that Leon Trotsky studied it for two years while in a Russian prison.  Doc proves an important Occult101 education, as tradition of Hermes, one of continual deception uncovered for all to see.
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