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Great Deception: The Manufactured Extraterrestrial Threat

Great Deception: The Manufactured Extraterrestrial Threat

Timothy Pope warns of lengthy history to deceive world with a hoaxed alien threat: “There has been a plan since about 1917—and probably long before that—to manufacture an artificial extraterrestrial threat to this earth in order to unite the people against a common enemy, and bring about a world totalitarian socialist government.”  Philosopher John Dewey, father of progressive education, observed at the time: “‘Someone remarked that the best way to unite all the nations on this globe would be an attack from some other planet. In the face of such an alien enemy, people would respond with a sense of their unity of interest and purpose.'”  Reagan echoed Dewey sentiment, years later in the eighties, in a speech before the United Nations (video below).  Pope also informs of little known Carnegie Endowment document to engineer fake alien threat:Imperial Japanese Mission of 1917.” Timeline proves interesting with note on Orson Welles, cousin to New World Order proponent H G Wells; Welles produced early Beta test on people’s reaction to an alien threat with 1938 Mercury theater radio broadcast, War of the Worlds.”  Scientist Wernher Von Braun warned co-worker Dr. Carol Rosin in the seventies about oligarch agenda included in blog: “Von Braun noted to Dr. Rosin that the hidden agenda was to weaponize space under the cover of four bogus threats. Specifically, a Russian threat (culminating in Star Wars); a terrorist/rogue nations threat (son of Star Wars); followed by an asteroid threat; and finally culminating in a hostile extraterrestrial threat.”
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Who Controls Putin = Bank of International Settlements

Who Controls Putin = Bank of International Settlements

Dave Hodges describes Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent successes against Rothschild banksters as setting stage for World War III!  Alas, a perceived master of global game board, Super Putin remains himself a piece in the game. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), according to Hodges, controls the board. The path to a New World Order remains blocked for the BIS, according to Hodges, first “…Russia, China and the United States economies must all be crushed. For when the world lies in ruin, out of chaos will come order. Putin is the main driving force in making this a reality.”
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Who Killed Congressman Larry McDonald?

Who Killed Congressman Larry McDonald?

Who Killed Congressman Larry McDonald?  Congressman McDonald, John Birch Society chairman, perished aboard KAL007 after flight strayed into Soviet airspace on Sept 1, 1983, where it was shot down by a Soviet fighter jet.  Mae Brussell provides a possible motive for McDonald’s demise in a 1984 article, WHO KILLED CONGRESSMAN LARRY McDONALD? “The most important explanation for his tragic demise has to do with recent revelations about his [McDonald] clandestine activities. An earlier relationship between McDonald and President Reagan had started to surface before the crash. Their government espionage, concealed behind a cloak of righteous Americanism at any price, was about to be exposed…”

“The first indication that something was even more rotten than usual in California came on August 15, 1980, when Warren Hinckle – the former editor of Ramparts magazine – noted that the snooping of Jerry Ducote appeared to involve members of Ronald Reagan’s gubernatorial staff. (Ducote was a former sheriff’s deputy employed by Reagan’s backers, who infiltrated suspected subversive groups.)  ‘What is happening in Santa Clara County today is the germ of the biggest scandal of the next 1 1/2 years,’ Hinckle said. ‘People thought that with Watergate it was all over. But this is the next layer of Watergate.’ ”
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‘None Dare Call It Conspiracy’

'None Dare Call It Conspiracy'

Originally published in 1971, None Dare Call It Conspiracy,” still speaks to us today. The book written by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham sold over 5 million copies and at less than 150 pages a must read.   What’s so sad is that the hour grows late and yoke of slavery gets heavier with every year.  Perhaps, most chilling, the fourteen signposts to slavery included in book.    A very good review,  A Summary of the Book ‘None Dare Call it Conspiracy’,”  shows just how far ahead of its time that seems almost prophetic today: “The book was light-years ahead of it’s time when it was published in 1971. The information in this book is surprising and can even seem far-fetched to the uninitiated, however the information is accurate and well documented…Surprisingly to many, the book shows how this group of Establishment insiders has historically been responsible for secretively establishing and then supporting the totalitarian Communist regimes in Russia, China, and much of the rest of the world, and it is explained how globalist philosophies which are currently being implemented call for a similar uniform system of government to eventually be imposed on the entire populace of the planet in a totalitarian ‘New World Order.'”  You may listen to an audiobook compilation not highest quality but still can get message!

Myron Fagan: Illuminati and Council on Foreign Relations

Myron Fagan: Illuminati and Council on Foreign Relations

Myron Fagan proves an important figure in fight against New World Order. Fagan and his lectures are still accessible thanks to mp3 conversions of his sixties era 3-Record LP set (picture).  There is, also, a transcript of the recordings available.   A higher quality audio version can be listened to hereThe Advent of Deception website describes what Fagan shares with listeners: “Within Mr Fagan’s astonishing recording, he describes the One World Order enslavement that was launched two centuries ago by one Adam Weishaupt who was financed by The Rothchild Banking Family. Backed with documentary evidence, the Illuminati fomented all the wars during the last two hundred years and became the prime instrument to achieve the agenda of the New World Order.”   Mr. Fagan comprehended the threat long ago and his quote may prove haunting to rest of us: “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.”  Fagan may appear to be only a paranoid “Red Scare” conspiracy theorist, but his recordings are mind-blowing and more applicable today than in 1967 when they were recorded!

Illuminati Sightseeing: United Nations Meditation Room


The United Nations Meditation Room seems another signpost along path to One World Religion.  In 1957, Meditation Room opened to public, planned by United Nations Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold.   Douglas Levesque writes excellent description of room (picture) in 2009 article, Secrets of the UN Meditation Room.”  “If the U.N. building is a temple of global identity, then the Meditation Room is a ‘Holy of Holies’ to the adherents of it’s esoteric, pantheistic neo-pagan spirituality. The room was designed by the then Secretary General of the U.N. Dag Hammerskjold, and opened in 1957 as a ‘meeting of light, of the sky, and the earth . . .’, ‘dedicated to silence, . . .and stillness . . .’, ‘where the doors may be open to the infinite lands of thought and prayer.’ (Hammerskjold in his own words).”
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Soul Scalpers And Walk-Ins

Soul Scalpers And Walk-Ins

Are there phenomena such as Soul Scalpers and Walk-Ins?  Sherry Shriner, internet evangelist, submits there’s awful realities lurking amidst the human race in The Prinsoners of Dulce Base.”  The article isn’t recent but still pertinent.  Dulce is a small town tucked away in the northwest corner of New Mexico, an underground base is rumor- ed to lie under the Archuleta Mesa just outside of town.   Shriner offers a new perspective on Denver International Airport as she describes players vying to dominant human race:   “There are many secret underground facilities such as the Los Alamos base that provides an  underground garage for the human-American UFO fleets located in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Even so, it is the Archuleta Mesa that is considered as the capital of the alien segment of the secret (Bavarian-Draconian-Illuminati-Alien) NWO government in America, while the Denver International Airport is the capital of the Human segment of the secret NWO government.”   It sounds cool to catch a peek of an underground base, but they may represent little less than hell on earth, as Shriner informs on cost of  admission:  “In many underground bases, these aliens and humans work alongside each other. However, the Lord has shown me that these humans who have agreed to work with the aliens have been taken over by them and are controlled by them. The humans have been possessed by the aliens and assimilated into the alien collective that is controlled and manipulated by Lucifer himself.”

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What Did Arthur C. Clarke Know About ‘Things To Come’?

What Did Arthur C. Clarke Know About 'Things To Come'?

Did Arthur C Clarke encourage close friend and movie director, Stanley Kubrick, to watch an old H.G. Wells sci-fi movie?  Clark passed in 2008, but believed to be a high level mason, also rumored to have privileged access to secret knowledge through freemasonry.  There are rumors Clarke was given access to full knowledge of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi Library soon after discoveries in 1940s?  Clarke rumored to also incorporate some of this privileged knowledge in his own writings, and possibly, also passed along to Kubrick.  Things to Come, a 1936 sci-fi movie made from a Wells essay, The Shape of Things to Come,” seems clearly an occult manifesto with actor Raymond Massey as film’s star.  Massey as John Cabal (name selection should be tip, there’s occult subject matter here) reveals in movie’s early stages a freemasons air group called “Wings Over The World,” seek an end to barbaric nation states in belief air superiority and a brotherhood of science will prevail.   A charitable synopsis summarizes movie presented as future history.  Movie includes some curious dark age episodes, one of a “wandering plague,” striking in its similarity to our present “Zombie” outbreak and also flying freemasons’ “gas of peace” to subdue barbarous tribal states, here, chemtrails come to mind.

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H.G. Wells: Prophet of the NWO


Researcher Fritz Springmeier  asks question – coming into greater relief for everyone – in 2011 Makow website entry, H.G. Wells: Prophet of the NWO,”  “Is there any proof that events in the world are following a script?”   Springmeier adds:   “The question has intrigued me because many people with inside knowledge have told me of attending meetings where the script of the future was outlined, 200-yr. plans, 40-year plans, 20, 10, and 5-year plans.  The futuristic predictions of H.G. Wells (a socialist Masonic Prophet) prove that indeed much more is contrived than the man in the street could imagine.”  The present writer would submit, after any study, it must be considered whether our history is largely a contrived one and only makes sense that a plan as guidance would be crucial for any civilization.

Wells was more than a visionary, Springmeier points out Wells’ role as an agent of change:  “Not only did H.G. Wells predict modern warfare, the bombing of London, atom bombs, the League of Nations, stealth fighters over Iraq, space flight and countless other details of the future, far in advance of their eventual happening, as well as mapping out in detail how a New World Order could be created, but he participated in causing events to take place.”

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Two American Bankers Commit Suicide in London

Two American Bankers Commit Suicide in London

Two American bankers in London commit suicide (as onlookers gawk at one corpse all AM as body left until mid-day to be removed) (picture)!  Do suicides reflect larger collapse or just another painful turn of many yet to come on much longer path?   The present writer predicts economic collapse in 2014 to bring America to its knees, where people will beg for any solution.  Elite will offer a new worldwide currency to replace dysfunctional dollar and show their largesse by forgiving debt – extending a welcoming hand to the new order with a debt jubilee!   Prediction stems from belief, the Federal Reserve functions primarily as a cult and only secondarily as a Central Bank.  The secondary function representing only a means to an end.  Our Central Bank serves only those who own our world.  The goal is the old One World Order (more recently, New World Order), where everyone lives under its yolk.  The Federal Reserve fulfilled its 99 year esoteric mission on December 23, 2013 and will soon be replaced.  A reader must also ask how long does it take to remove a body?  Is there trauma-based psychological op at work?  Nah, it’s just an  inefficient-incompetent system, the usual refrain, slow to get anything done!  Please keep moving or you may suffer similar fate – if you stop and think!