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George H. W. Bush = New World Order Point Man

George H. W. Bush = New World Order Point Man

George H. W. Bush celebrated 90th year with another parachute jump, still in front of public, pushing himself off as an exemplary figure.  The image of a former president, ambassador and CIA head carefully mended into a popular fiction for public consumption.  A couple of years ago, granddaughter Jenna interviewed George the Elder in an amazing example of effective propaganda.   The public image of the senior Bush seems almost at complete divergence from reality?  In one article, The George H.W. Bush Photos that You Won’t See,” a retrospective 33 picture slideshow of the real figure takes shape and points to evident occult ties.    Bush is a freemason and “33” an important signature for those in the know.  The article summarizes many scandals, where the senior Bush seems at least to be in the vicinity:  1) in Dallas for the JFK assassination, 2) Iran Contra, 3) 1989 White House pedophile sex scandal and 4) Bush family ties to Savings and Loan scandal.  These are only publicly confirmed list that hints of offiicial malfeasance and criminality.   What else is there?

Can the reader imagine a hidden secret life separate from the pictures and videos?  The present writer suspects Bush Sr. to be most effective New World Order figure ever in America – a true puppetmaster.   It’s the hideous activities behind the scenes such as mind-control and human sacrifice that won’t be publicly shared that distinguish Bush Sr.    MK Ultra Sex Kitten Robin Meade joined the former President on his parachute jump that marked his 85th birthday.  Just last year, an article warned of possible human sacrifice in Denver, Colorado attended by members of US Shadow Government, including George H. W. Bush. The latter reflections may go down in history as much closer to reality than the folksy family-oriented Bush of mainstream media?
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