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Armageddon: A Space War Coming To You Soon

Armageddon: A Space War Coming To You Soon

Many observers expect conflict in the Middle East, as a matter of fact, an attack on Iran has been anticipated for years. Author Paul McGuire describes build up to the Battle of Armageddon, its participants and their true nature. The signs seem closer than ever, although, “end time” prophecy has been preached as imminent for decades.  Are you ready as McGuire would ask?  McGuire exceeds expectations in article, Armageddon A Space War Coming To You Soon,”  as most of us are not ready, to see anything beyond our comfortable and mundane experience of life. It’s a sci-fi world, offered by the writer, beyond a mere mortal’s comprehension or intestinal fortitude to accept!. Yes, it’s true, space platforms with nuclear weapons and genetic engineering to create super soldiers do fall within most people’s ability to accept. McGuire blows away our reality by expecting a multidimensional conflict with Star- gates and interdimensioanl beings that are demonic entities, e.g., Nephilim to transport mankind to a point beyond time and space called eternity! Wow!
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