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Will US Launch Nuclear First Strike On Russia and China?

Will US Launch Nuclear First Strike On Russia and China?

Dave Hodges views US Nuclear First Strike on Russia and China as possibility, after reading recent Paul Craig Roberts article. Hodges dismissed nuclear first strike, initially, but concludes after research, evidence exists for threat!   A June 22, 2014 date gets bandied about online, in reference to Simpsons episode as one more event telegraphed into our collective mind.

The present writer remains concerned after initial loose nuke incident in 2007 at Minot, ND AFB.  There’s, also, more recent case of unauthorized transfer of nukes in September, 2013 that sent Senator Lindsey Graham into a tizzy.  Nukes may represent untied ends that should be noted by everyone, as possible, preparation for future incidents.  It’s difficult to get worked up about a June 22nd Doomsday, as Operation Black Jack from a few years ago, seemed just as spooky as present circumstances. Please note present date speculated for strike revolves around Summer Solstice just as in Operation Black Jack.   Is this an occult connection?

Hodges makes too much sense in his speculations.   The recent decentralization of agencies such as CIA and FBI, interpreted as strategic survival moves, based on Continuity of Goverment (COG).   The Anti-Ballistic Missile system sites placed on Russia’s border in Poland, seems more ominous in this light.   A Russia and China alliance will not be tolerated, according to Hodges, citing Bilderberg expert Daniel Estulin’s recent comments.  ” According to Estulin, this unholy alliance is threatening Western domination of the planet. Estulin believes that this alliance will not be allowed to stand and Bilderberg interests will take action,” writes Hodges.   A theory on how World War III will commence, acccording to Hodges, will likely hinge on a false flag involving missing nukes detonated here in the United States and blamed on Iran.  The subsequent military retaliation against Iran likely would bring Russia into war, at this juncture, a nuclear first strike would occur!  Hodges sees a grand double-cross of Russia and China, their presence allowed on United States soil and even access to buying into the Federal Reserve system in lieu of payment for massive debt held by China as just a means of relaxing the enemies’ guard!    The present writer suspects Hodges on the right track, and a double-cross, perfectly fits elite style! 


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