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The Slender Man = Interdimensional Demon

The Slender Man = Interdimensional Demon

The victim in Wisconsin Slenderman stabbing case released from hospital. It’s a miracle the young girl has survived, given 19 stab wounds and struggle to get out of the woods.   The Slender Man case represents a conundrum, present writer suspects if we could only answer, would solve many of mankind’s problems.   Who or what is the Slender Man?  A figment of the imagination, alive as a thought form – active in people’s minds – or just an excuse for ugly behavior?   Perhaps, it’s even worse?   Andrew O’Hehir provides his take, in article, Slenderman: Nightmarish info-demon or misunderstood cultural icon?” O’Hehir supplies pop sophistication in his take on current urban legend permeating the ether: “Slenderman stands out because he was not cooked up by Hollywood script doctors or advertising geniuses. Rather, he is exactly the sort of collective creative upsurge the Internet was supposed to deliver. He’s the hipster food cooperative of monsters: His proprietors and his customer base are identical. (One mock-scientific theory about Slenderman holds that he is a ‘Tulpa,’ or a thought-form who now exists in reality because we made him up and have willed him into being.)”

“…But my point is that most people do not believe in Slenderman, any more than they believe in Count Dracula or Bilbo Baggins. Somewhere in the pre-rational recesses of our brains, we may wonder whether such things reflect a level of reality we cannot quite apprehend, or a symbolic truth we can’t quite get at. We may use a totemic figure like Slendy to stand in for other kinds of anxieties and fears we cannot articulate as easily, whether that means child abuse or economic instability or the sense that modern life contains the seeds of its own destruction. But all that is quite different from the kind of psychotic disengagement from reality reflected in the Wisconsin case…He represents a resi- due of the ancient, unquelled belief in demons and evil spirits, and like most such things his home is in the woods, suggesting that he embodies the collective bad conscience of civilization in its conflict with nature.”

O’Hehir falls into category of scientific materialism with his response, attributing girls’ behavior in stabbing as explainable in psychological or psychiatric terms.  Mankind could conquer shortcomings such as belief in demons – if only our science were more fine tuned to measure these things.  The girls believe in a demon – The Slender Man – that doesn’t exist, which O’Hehir suggests reflects other disturbances in the girls’ lives!   The present writer bought into doctrine of scientific materialism with its wonderful hope of being in command of one’s destiny, everything can be explained and ultimately solved by scientific endeavor in a material world.  Presently, scientific materialism is viewed as a form of indoctrination, or in the occult world a lesser magick, where everything has a material answer and man can control his fate by mastering technique!   It’s a doctrine that dismisses the spiritual world, which seems self-evident to any human being!  Scientific materialism represents a method of control that results in reducing humans into two dimensional animals. Your spirit will ebb and disappear almost completely if you treat yourself in purely two dimensional terms!

These Christian Times views perps as easily deceived and reflection of rise in occult thought: “How could these 12 year old believe such a sordid lie about a fictional character? The answer is really simple in nature. The occult is a fascination among young people who are seeking for something to fulfill their lives. It is awe inspiring and deceptive as it sucks those who are easily deceive. Slender Man has been linked to the occult even though the character is not real. The Rise of Occultic ideas into mainstream media has gripped the hearts of the young. It is this idea that evil is latching itself to the very soul of their hearts. The Rise of Demonic or Occultic activity is increasing on a daily basis. It will only get worse as we fail to fill their hearts with the word of God. These two girls are a testament as to what has befallen on this nation.” It’s true, the stabbing tragedy could’ve been prevented if the word of God were taken to heart with all mortal seriousness!

Why isn’t the word of God taken more seriously?  The present writer submits our culture suffers from indoctrination to dismiss very existence of bad actors in the spiritual world – demons.   Yes, the perps do believe in the Slender Man, but were seduced failing to see evident bone-chilling evil!  Could the young girls behavior be a result of a deadening or deafening of soul to the spiritual realm?  A multi-step process where first fear of God and Demons removed by in- doctrination that actually lowers these responses in a human being?   The next step involves mistaking demons as desirable in a deadened world permeated by boredom and meager prospects in life.  This is lesser magick at work just a general deadening of human beings to spiritual realm.  It make sense!  Is this all of the story?

The present writer arrogantly believed in scientific materialism.  An older humble person admits there are things beyond our comprehension as human beings.  There is a place called Tatarus where demons are chained.  It’s whether you believe Tatarus and demons are real?   The Slender Man, whose resemblance to the Men in Black seems remarkable, represents demons – very real – and interdimensional!   Kapow Radio comments on Wisconsin case noting demonic portals are wide open!  Demons are for real!


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