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Tru News: End Times Prophecy

Tru News:  End Times Prophecy

Tru News offers new details on End Times Prophecy in recent podcast.  Host Rick Wiles reaffirms End Times will include both financial collapse and war on home soil.  Wake UP America website informs, “Rick Wiles and Chris Steinle at TruNews are joined by end-times author Doug Krieger for an in-depth discussion on Bible prophecies and how they relate to current events, where Wiles states outright that ‘something is on the way,’ it is coming ‘very very soon,’ and that ‘a lot of people are going to meet their maker,’ as he discusses the heaviness he feels on his spirit over the signs being seen right here and now pointing to biblical events happening at this very moment in time.”   It’s much harder to dismiss End Times prophecies in our present dire climate!


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