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Protocols of Zion

Protocols of Zion

Marc Levin motivated by rise of anti-semitism after 9/11 when 4,000 Jews were allegedly warned not to go to work that day, produced thoughtful 2005 film, Protocols of Zion.” An excellent film synopsis written by Mark Deming for Rotten Tomatoes follows: “When filmmaker Marc Levin was confronted with another widely disseminated bit of anti-Jewish propaganda (the false assertion that no Jews died in the World Trade Center attacks of September 11, 2001), he developed a new curiosity about the Protocols and other ‘factual’ sources of anti-Semitic hatred, and set out to find out more about anti-Jewish propaganda.”

“The result was Protocols of Zion, a documentary which offers a surprising (and surprisingly witty) look at figures from the hate movement in America in elsewhere, ranging from leader of the neo-Nazi National Alliance (who also sells Aryan Wear footwear) to an anti-Semitic media analyst who announces that Rupert Murdoch is actually a Jew. The film also examines Henry Ford’s well-documented hatred of Jews, anti-Semitism among radical African-Americans, and the memories of Levin’s father, a self-described ‘All-American Jew.'” Is there an international Jewish conspiracy? Or, is it as Levin asserts, “the Big Lie,” and other people should first look at themselves? These are good questions for serious reflection, although present writer doesn’t see how Levin helped his case by including Abe Foxman or Neocon Richard Perle? Perhaps, the truth lies somewhere in between as mentioned in film by a Trenton state prison inmate?


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