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LINCOLN CATHEDRAL: The Battleground of Light and Dark?

LINCOLN CATHEDRAL:  The Battleground of Light and Dark?

The Lincoln Cathedral in England may rival the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland and Rennes Le Chateau in France as one of the most mysterious structures on Earth.  Esoteric researcher Dan Green observes the associations made with Lucifer, the Devil and the Cathedral, in article, LINCOLN CATHEDRAL: The Battleground of Light and Dark?

Green points out structure diverges from other Gothic Cathedrals in placement of its rose window:  “….found on the North side of the Cathedral even though the norm is for Rose Windows to be always to be found on the West of Gothic Cathedrals. Although preferably known as ‘The Dean’s Eye’, it also bears the lesser known title of ‘Lucifer’s Eye’ and has been placed at the North referred to as the darkened region of Lucifer as a kind of look-out to ward off the approach of evil, in contrast to ‘The Bishop’s eye’ round window staring out at the sunny South, the direction favoured by the Holy Spirit.”

The north location of rose window and lesser known title of “Lucifer’s Eye” prepares foundation for most incredible tale unearthed by Green. “The mention of Lucifer brings me to the strangest and most fabulous of tales I have come across involving Lincoln Cathedral. Found circulating on the internet, it appears to have emanated originally from an alleged Templar in Rome and speaks of ‘The Ark of Lucifer’, an artefact said to control the lifespan of humans, no less! Placed in the Cathedral..,” discovered Green.

“The pure Indiana Jones aspect of the tale is appealing, but we cannot help but have to accept that here again we have at least a reoccurring theme concerning Lincoln Cathedral, this time wrapped up in a titular Lucifer, and with an already established ‘Eye of Lucifer’ Rose Window we must ponder over what kernel of truth is being contained within this Gothic temple,”  observed Green.  Some bishops say it’s a convergence of “Ley Lines” to explain forces, other clergy simply admit the Cathedral contains some of the darkest energy ever encountered in their experience.   Does Lincoln Cathedral represent a battleground of good and evil?


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