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China Buying Out Federal Reserve

China Buying Out Federal Reserve

Dave Hodges doesn’t varnish truth in recent four part series, World War III Has Already Been Lost and the Chinese Are In the Process of Occupying Amerika,” a chilling account of how China (and Russia) may takeover the United States.  A primary reason for creation of this website credited to tracking death of Federal Reserve suspicion abounds Fed is as much cult as Central Bank.

In sobering account, Hodges makes sense in disquieting manner, because Hodge’s vision seems so plausible!  The present writer reacted with great fear to series, especially part II, where reader informed Fed pretty has sold out to Chinese to make good on debt they hold:  “… the Chinese are slowly but surely acquiring the Federal Reserve and thus, are acquiring a greater amount of U.S. government debt. Therefore, much of the debt owned by the Federal Reserve, is now owned by the Chinese and their new partners consisting of two large Spanish banks, a German bank and the Chinese. The complete Chinese takeover of our economy is silent but undeniably insidious. It would be appropriate to think of this development as the United States government doing a debt consolidation of all its treasury bonds because it can no longer pay or service the debt and the Chinese and their partners are acquiring the assets of America for pennies on the dollar. It will soon be announced that China is in the process of purchasing major Western banks (e.g. Bank of America, Wells Fargo) and physical assets. These banks make up the majority owners of the Federal Reserve. By purchasing these banks as distressed properties, the Chinese, will in effect, have purchased the Federal Reserve because these banks own the Federal Reserve.  For the naysayers that will write to me and say there is no way that this will ever take place, I will respond by telling you that you are a day late and a ‘distressed dollar’ short with your anxiety over the future of the American economy.”

“Late last year, China purchased the JP Morgan building in Manhattan for $725 million. This was a symbolic move like planting the U.S. flag on top of Iwo Jima’s Mount Surabachi during the famous WW II battle. This signified that the Chinese have laid claim to all assets in the United States. One might reason that the Chinese have in fact purchased all of JP Morgan. When this happens in earnest, it will come in the midst of a dollar devaluation and we are only months away from this happening.”

The present writer suspects occultists behind Fed, have something up their sleeves. Chinese may take over but could be booby trap that eventually leads to their downfall. Hodges has more in other articles of four part series, but it’s even more upsetting. EMPs detonated to catapult us back into dark ages, Hodges also shares news counter to common belief, EMPs can damage human tissue. US military will be required to assist Chinese and Russians in takeover, according to Hodges, who relates recent moves within military and DHS all point to subduing a civil war. Will Chinese find a place for Americans in their country? The present writer believes Americans will be at best tolerated minority, at worse, targeted for elimination to make room for the Chinese. Wow! Will Federal Reserve capitulate so willingly? Fed has no cojones if this is the case!


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