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Pedo-Hollywood: Is Singer Scandal Hollywood’s Watergate?

Pedo-Hollywood: Is Singer Scandal Hollywood's Watergate?

Will Bryan Singer scandal bring a “pedo-purge” and new era in Hollywood?” In 2011, former child actor, Corey Feldman made most accurate diagnosis of Hollywood“Biggest problem in Hollywood is pedophilia.”   The current media show opens full tilt, according to nydailynews.com, with lawyer Marty Singer, no relation,  calling, “… two lawsuits ‘frivolous’ and ‘absurd’ and vows to sue Florida lawyer Jeff Herman for malicious prosecution and seek court sanctions…Herman filed the initial lawsuit against Singer last month on behalf of client Michael Egan III, a 31-year-old former actor now living in Nevada.”

Most likely, a few sacrifices will be tossed around by media dogs, but business will continue as usual! Hollywood may not enjoy legal insulation from exposure as say Washington politicians, but money can still buy get-out-of-jail cards!  The present writer imagines a faux “purge” highlighting Hollywood efforts to do the right thing! It rings hollow much as the Catholic Church pedo-scandal, where you mostly hear how much it cost the church!  There’s still causalties like Miley Cyrus, walking around, pushed in our faces.  It’s time to boycott Hollywood pedo-bears!  A short Access Hollywood interview of accuser-victim Michael Egan supplies details of such adult-children relations.


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