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Peter Beter And Organic Robotoids

Peter Beter And Organic Robotoids

Dr. Peter Beter penned 1973 best-seller, “Conspiracy Against the Dollar: Spirit of the New Imperialism,” which made author in demand as a talk show guest in mid-seventies.  Beter surprised audiences, at times however, with far out statements that led to further demands for more explanation.  The controversial statements directly resulted in a series by Beter of audio letters spanning period of 1975 – 1982.    Some of the controversial claims made by Beter, according to Wikipedia: ” 1) Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson was involved in the Kennedy assassination.   2) The CIA was responsible for the secret death of General George Scratchley Brown because he simply knew ‘too much’.   3) The Jonestown massacre was staged to camouflage a joint U.S.-Israeli military operation to destroy a Soviet missile base in Guyana.  4) Patty Hearst was kidnapped by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) after the Hearst newspaper chain published secret Congressional testimony. This testimony revealed that America’s atomic secrets were handed over to the Soviet Union – not stolen by Soviet spies, before America’s first atomic bomb was finished, and that the Rockefellers were directly involved in this plot.  5) Particle beam weapons and other advanced aerial weapons under secret development, such as the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program [HAARP] had the power to change the weather. Both the U.S. and the Soviet Union had developed such weapons. 6) Several important public figures such as David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, and Jimmy Carter are actually dead, and are being impersonated by organic ‘robotoids’.”

Vice President Johnson appears to have played a significant role in the John F. Kennedy assassination in light of new information, brought to public’s attention.  HAARP entered public awareness by the late nineties, so Beter enjoyed top sources to make his statements in the seventies.  Russia’s woodpecker – their version of HAARP – first ramped up around 1976.  The CIA kidnapping Patty Hearst and knocking off General George Brown in clandestine operations, also appears well within realm of possibility.  The joint US-Israeli military op in Guyana to destroy a Soviet base and using Jonestown as cover, while informative remains plausible.  Was Beter just that far ahead of his time?  It appears so.

It’s the final controversy that goes too far. The present writer still finds a surreal element in listening to Beter describe robotoids.   Beter contended several politicians such as Jimmy Carter and his family were killed and replaced by these artificial biological life forms AKA robotoids.   The present writer first encountered rumors Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson had been assassinated in late 2007.   There’s been rumors more recently about changes in appearance of Secretary of State John Kerry that raise questions whether he’s been replaced or “doubled?”   There’s certainly stand-in doubles used by politicians such as the late Saddam Hussein known to have several.  Beter informed listeners a robotoid can be grown in hours, also stated they’re expensive and can only replace humans.  But, Beter contended that’s enough for one-way space missions and black operations.  A double would make more practical sense, but then again, we may be dealing with megalomaniacs interested in creating life and holding sway over a robotoid’s very existence?  Also, a robotoid possesses complete memory of person it replaces, according to Beter, so training not required.  A robotoid would have edge as a candidate for use in more complex situations.

An excerpt from peterdavidbeter.com illustrates how well-connected Beter was as a lawyer and financier.  Beter was in the know months ahead of actual events that at the time appeared far from certainties:   “In his talk shows Dr. Beter had a habit of saying things which sounded preposterous at the time, but which were proven correct later on. Early in 1973 he declared that Vice President Spiro Agnew would be swept up in a sudden scandal beginning in late summer that would lead quickly to his resignation.  At the time Agnew was flying high, and it sounded like an unlikely turn of events. But it happened, right on schedule. In the spring of 1974, Dr. Beter described a sequence of events by which the Watergate Scandal would make Richard Nixon the first U.S. President in history to resign. At the time, Watergate seemed to be running out of steam, and Nixon appeared to be ‘toughing it out.’  Even less believably, Dr. Beter described a secret agreement which he said existed by which then-Vice President Gerald Ford would nominate Nelson Rockefeller to be his new Vice President after Nixon resigned. In the spring of 1974 those things sounded hard to believe indeed. But they took place.”

“Dr. Beter claimed that events like these, while shocking to the public, were planned far in advance. He said that they were known within certain intelligence and even business circles here in America and abroad. Drawing upon his extensive contacts with these circles, Dr. Beter was making public what the privileged few already knew.”

Beter likely suffered from honesty and a desire to inform others about information he was privy.  A link to an Illuminati fashion show displays eery appearance of models, who may just diet too much but all have a similar countenance – subdued or lacking in personality?  Information Farm provides well-done article with more on specter of non-humans among us. Robotoids would make another useful weapon of control for the Illuminati. The specter of robotoids remains difficult proposition to accept, especially, notion they can be grown in matter of hours.  The present writer remains a skeptic.   The details provided by Beter prove disquieting to point, you wonder if there’s something out there?


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