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Makow on Women and Feminism

Makow on Women and Feminism

Henry Makow shares alarm and distaste for femininist course Western Civilization has embarked on for decades in The Effect of Sexual Deprivation on Women.”  An encore, “The Business of Strangers,” a 2001 movie used as vehicle to illustrate how complex sexual roles are intentionally upset to reduce population:  “… our politicians, media and educators are deliberately sabotaging society,” cries Makow.

The central contention made by Makow, at the crux of problems in our society, deal with disastrous results Feminism has brought us:  “Feminism first makes women and men incompatible; then it exploits women’s frustration and rage… The movie shows how career has supplanted family for women like [Julie] Styron [Stockard Channing]. Feminism promised that women could have both, but this did not happen. Forty seven per cent of 40-something women with professional degrees have no children. Only 14% of these women said they didn’t want children.”

The movie then goes about business showing how screwed up two professional women can be in their behavior: Two women are stranded overnight at an airport hotel while on a sales trip.  In the hotel bar with Styron, Paula [Murphy] [played by Julia Stiles] recognizes…a slick young corporate head-hunter…. He is the man who raped her best friend years ago at a frat party. She lures him to Styron’s suite and puts tranquilizers in his drink.  After he passes out, the two women indulge in an orgy of hatred over his unconscious body. They undress him, cover him with obscene graffiti, smear blood and strike him. Both women clearly despise men. Murphy confides it was actually she who had suffered the rape,”  adds Makow as a topper to actual frenzy, “However, later it emerges that [the corporate head hunter] is a rapist in her mind only. Styron learns that he had never been to the city where the rape had supposedly taken place.

In summary, Makow tries to assert a traditional message: “Heterosexual society has been under sustained psychological attack designed to arrest human development and decrease population. Feminism is the weapon of choice. It encourages women to deny their femininity and act like men.”

“Feminine women are characterized by selflessness. They are not hunters. They are not killers. They are a little vulnerable in a worldly sense. How do men respond to them? By wanting to nurture and protect them. This is how men love. This is what women want.”

“In ‘The Business of Strangers’ both women have become hunters. As a result, they hate men but worse they hate themselves. Victims of a diabolical plot, they have mutated. They need a man’s love in order to be themselves again.”


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