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Natalie Portman: Kabbalistic Kitten

Natalie Portman:  Kabbalistic Kitten

Are enslaved mind control subjects (MCS) growing in numbers?  Do MCS surround us in our daily lives? Do you ever wonder about individuals, who seem too quiet or under hypnosis?  Nah, it couldn’t be!  It’s just too much of the wrong kinds of food and television, right?    A You Tube video, Mind Control ”Sex Kitten” Programming,” reminds viewers of stark reality that may just be encircling us in a silent massacre.   The present writer dismissed mind control with thought our leaders wouldn’t do that to people!  Later, it’s became obvious ruling elite use programming as a major tool in their repertoire of control.  Paul Bonacci, a high level MCS, connected to eighties Franklin Cover Up scandal of Omaha, NE,  was flown as far away as Belgium for sexual purposes.  Bonacci case makes clear how much mind control techniques are exploited for unsavory purposes – just look at his eyes in linked video!

The pictures (left) of Natalie Portman illustrate “sex kitten” and “be silent” programming do catch the eye as Illuminati calling cards.  A young Natalie pictured in company of Bill and Hillary Clinton as well as Al Gore at PseudoOccult Media, may imply sex slave role for a youthful Portman?  You can only guess it’s part of package deal in payment for way our politicians act in front of the world?  Brice Taylor AKA Susan Ford included in You Tube video, suffered for years under her owner Bob Hope and at the direct hands of Henry Kissinger.  Taylor relates her exploitation in 1999 publication,Thanks For The Memories.”

Have we lost already, replaced by easily controlled counterparts? It may be later than we think?


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