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Walpurgisnacht — Halloween’s Diabolical Cousin

Walpurgisnacht -- Halloween's Diabolical Cousin

April 30th marks Walpurgisnacht on occult calendar, representing an end to winter and beginning of summer. Whitechapelpress provides description of celebration in Walpurgisnacht — Halloween’s Diabolical Cousin.” “According to occult tradition, there was once a single night of the year when evil women gathered on a demon-haunted mountain, with the denizens of Hell, and worshipped Satan, danced naked around a bonfire and engaged in a supernatural orgy – it was Walpurgisnacht, or the Eve of St. Walpurga, which occurs every year on April 30…The dark festival takes its name from Walpurga of Devon, England, a convent leader from the 700s who was canonized as the patron saint of rabies.”

Walpurgisnacht is second most important holiday on occult calendar behind Samhaim and brackets two major seasons. “To understand the significance of Walpurgisnacht, we also have to understand the druidic Samhain, known today as Halloween. Samhain was the solstice festival that celebrated the start of the darkest months of the year: winter… This meant that the season’s conclusion called for a ritual festival to commemorate an end to that darkness, which the druids called Beltane – a spring ritual that took place six months after Samhain. Beltane spread with the druids across Europe and eventually found a home in Germany. However, around 800 A.D. Christianity also arrived in Germany with Charlemagne and many things that the pagans believed in… became forbidden under penalty of death. However, some of their celebrations survived, named the one held on April 30,” explains article.

What takes place on the Brocken, highest mountain of Harz range in Germany?   Are there really demon-filled orgies?   “There are many different opinions about what took place on Walpurgisnacht, but most agree that it was some sort of witch’s Sabbath. It’s been said that witches dance naked around a bonfire before copulating with demons. Others stated that it was a Black Sabbath during which witches flew on broomsticks to a secret location where they were joined by the Devil to worship… On the summit of the giant, craggy peak [the Brocken] are two formations called the Witches’ Altar (Hexenaltar) and Devil’s Pulpit (Teufels- kanzel). The region has inspired a number of horrific tales and even the surrounding plateau has stories of its own – so many that it’s known as the Witches’ Dance Floor (Hexentanzplatz),” informs article.

Walpurgisnacht continues to be celebrated in many European countries and in America.


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