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Is Putin False Opposition?


Henry Makow suspects “…dialectical opposition between Russia and the US is a little too neat to be credible. It’s almost as if the USSR and the USA have changed places,” in article, Is Putin False Opposition? All the world is a stage, according to Illuminati puppeteers, people reminded at these times of Albert Pike’s vision of three world wars.   Makow aptly describes our manipulated condition as mere pawns for the world’s big players:  “In March, when Hillary Clinton compared Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler, she was preparing the framework for World War Three.  Like the Second World War, the potential Third will represent resistance to Masonic Jewish world hegemony. It will pit nationalists against (Zionist) “globalists.”  The only question is whether, like Hitler, Putin represents ‘false opposition.'”

“The Protocols of Zion stated, ‘Nowadays, if any States raise a protest against us it is only pro forma at out discretion and by our direction…’  Is this still true? My sense is that it is. Russia has a Rothschild central bank. Putin confers with Henry Kissinger regularly.  All wars are orchestrated. The globalists would not risk a world war in which they could be destroyed.”

Little escapes Makow as he considers purge of Polish government with Smolensk plane crash, observing:   “A final note. We should forget the ‘Polish Presidential plane crash’ in Smolensk in April 2010 when Putin presided over the murder of the Polish nationalist elite. The fact that no Western leaders attended the funeral indicates that this was done with Illuminati approval. This is another indication that Putin is a member of the club.”  The world stage steered with orchestrated steps much like a huge ship, provides hints, these are manipulated moves.  Role-playing provides clearest sign, where roles of “good guys” and “bad guys” have totally reversed with United States and Russia switching hats!  An Illuminati penchant, seems revealed, as they love to arrogantly proclaim their utter control over us!  It’s another telltale sign – it’s all bogus!   Putin is false opposition!


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