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Divine Right of Kings

Divine Right of Kings

Tracy Twyman explains origins of “divine right” in article, In Defense of Kingship and Divine Right,” simply stating, “…the idea that kings get their authority from God is not a new one. In fact, it is the very basis of monarchy.”

A brief history lesson dates to earliest known civilization in Sumer.   Twyman informs: “Human civilization began in Ancient Sumer, and that is where kingship began. Sumerian records claim that government on Earth was first installed by the gods, specifically a divine royal family headed by Anu, King of the Gods. His symbols were the tiara, the scepter, and the shepherd’s staff, representing divinity, power, and righteous leadership, respectively. The Sumerians said that the gods created us, taught us all the basics of civilization, and shortly after the Deluge, they decided it was time for us to govern ourselves. They directed mankind in building the first city, Kish, and they crowned the first human king as an intermediary between mankind and his creators. ‘Kingship descended from heaven,’ the texts read. The legitimacy of the king’s authority was derived directly from Anu [picture]. In fact, their word for kingship was Anutu (literally, Anu-ship). From that point on, kingdoms have come and gone, but the concept of king as deific appointee has made its way into all cultures.”

It may be worth our time to become acquainted with basis of power granted by God or “Divine RIght of Kings” in view of our fast receding freedoms. We may yet witness a reemergence of direct open rule by Kings and Queens?


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