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Dead Bankers: What Does It Mean?

Dead Bankers:  What Does It Mean?

Zero Hedge (ZH) reports on similarities of recent banker deaths in Belgium and Lichtenstein, also where deaths diverge from previous “suicides.” “In the beginning it was banker suicides. Then about two weeks ago, suicides were replaced by outright murders after the execution- style killing of the CEO of a bank in otherwise sleepy (and tax evasive) Lichtenstein by a disgruntled client. Then on Friday news hit of another execution-type murder in just as sleepy, if not so tax evasive, Belgium, where in the city of Vise, a 37-year-old Director at BNP Paribas Fortis was murdered alongside his wife and a 9 year old nephew in a premeditated and orchestrated drive-by shooting,” reports ZH.

It’s implied in article “vigilante justice” may be motive behind executions as resented bankers taken out by clients, who perceive injustice done against them! “So just like in the Lichtenstein murder, was it truly some atrocious act by bankers that caused their clients to take justice into their own hands, or is it becoming the norm that when dealing with members of the banker class, the population – disenchanted with a legal system that is largely in the pocket of the financial system – is increasingly resorting to not only vigilante justice, but the taking of banker lives with no regard for innocent bystanders?”  Vigilante justice remains possibility, but brutality of murders, could simply reflect more direct method by psychopathic bankers of silencing voices? The banker deaths are likely not all connected, but it’s interesting to wonder what underlies current rash of bankers existing life early?


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