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Breaking Through Neurological Firewall

Breaking Through Neurological Firewall

Paul McGuire suggests in article, STARGATES OF GOD KINGS AND BREAKING THROUGH THE NEUROLOGICAL FIREWALL,” a secret higher knowledge handed down from times of Babylon, preserved by secret societies to the very present.   The knowledge of Babylon’s mystery religions still used against us in the form of social engineering, today    McGuire describes means of our subjugation:  “Through modern education, media, scientific mind control, food additives, drugs, and scientific suppression of the right brain which begins in grade school, people have been dumbed down and neurologically wired not to think outside of the box, to be compliant, and to deny the existence of God and the supernatural. Modern education and society are designed to produce left brain dominant thinking. This is why teachers now ‘teach to the test’ and the emphasis has always been on rewarding the people who unquestionably repeat back whatever the official dogma is.”  McGuire contrasts grooming for left brain dominance with qualities of right brain: “Right brain thinkers are punished because right brain thinkers question the system, think independently, see the big picture, and can access creativity, inspiration, and spirituality. They are not easily programmed.”

The left brain as imagined by McGuire might appear as follows : “Think of the average person’s brain about the size of a small home office with a ten foot high ceiling. Then think of the interior of this office as their consciousness and their ability to think or imagine. Thoughts come from neurological pathways in both the left and right brain, and whenever you think about something, are exposed to something, or study something your brain creates a neurological pathway. If since childhood all of your neurological pathways have been strategically engineered in the left brain and only in selective subjects of thought, your brain has literally been wired not to think about certain ideas, and because of the limited number of neurological pathways that have been built in your right brain, it now becomes impossible for you to think outside of the box, the office that the scientific elite have created. Compounding this is Orwellian group think… if you were to dare and bring up an out of the box subject you would be ridiculed by your peers and co-workers.”

The right brain by comparison seems without limit: “Now think about the smaller percentage of individuals who for whatever reason began to learn how to use their right brain at a young age and think about all kinds of subjects that others were programmed not to. If we think of that right brain person’s mind as an office, it would be an enormous office with no walls or ceiling. That person’s brain and their consciousness are simply unlimited and they are capable of accessing and discovering both the existence of God and a supernatural universe. The very existence of such people represents a significant challenge to the scientific dictatorship.”

McGuire still sees an out – a veritable jail break – from left brain prison: “Fortunately, it is precisely due to the fact that we live in a supernatural universe created by an Infinite Personal God that, despite all the occult brain engineering, if any person begins to think about right brain subjects, no matter how difficult at first, their brain will actually construct brand new neurological pathways in the right brain and the more they think about these things the more pathways they develop. It is actually possible to transcend your programming if you choose.”

A warning is added, however, time is short: “Aldous Huxley coined the term ‘concentration camps of the mind.’ The time is coming quickly when due to computer brain interfaces, genetics, and the implantation of a microchip or nano-chip implant it will be impossible to escape the “concentration camp of the mind.” But you live in that brief window of time before that happens and the moment you choose to transcend your programming is the moment you will start to become free.”

The left brain prison is a much bigger issue than we can imagine, since we are limited by our left brain dominance. You begin to break free, when you discover a portion of your life resides outside two dimensional existence of our five senses. You will reach a watershed point, as every individual must for very fact, our left brain can never provide full satisfaction. You’re always left wanting and in search. Left brain dominance may be what brings an individual to commit suicide – nothing more can be imagined?


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