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Anubis Worship Sign of an Occult Society?

Anubis Worship Sign of an Occult Society?

Anubis, original Egyptian god of the dead, seems to be finding a place in our environment with growing frequency?  Is this a sign Satanic elite are getting us familiar with what’s to come?   The picture of Anubis (left) is from current King Tut exhibit at Kansas City.  The present writer gets it, an exhibit for an Egyptian Pharaoh –  so of course – there would be a statue of Anubis outside!   Perhaps, the real chiller is Anubis at Denver International, where god of the dead  is only one of many occult symbols present at the airport.   El Mesterio, a huge fiberglass horse with glowing demon-like eyes greets those who enter Denver International, while Anubis, faces the concourse.   Also, Nikelodeon channel offers a program, House of Anubis. These are kinds of changes made to alter social fabric, familiarity takes edge off the change.    A slide into an occult society seems clearly part of agenda for a New World Order!  Is current exhibition held at Union Station meant to inform those with “eyes to see” that  god of the dead, has arrived, to perform duties for a dead Union?


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