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The Federal Cartel Part V: The Solution

The Federal Cartel Part V:  The Solution

Dean Henderson has done next best thing for wonderful five part series, which was originally excerpted from Chapter 19 of his book, “Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf.”  The five part series on the Fed recently became available as a separate book, The Federal Reserve Cartel.”  The knowledge shared proves invaluable – a veritable reference on the Federal Reserve Cartel:  1) The Eight Families, 2)  Freemason BUS and House of Rothschild, 3) Roundtable and Illuminati and 5) The Solution.

In final installment, Henderson goes all the way to provide path out from under yoke of the Fed.  There are 10 steps to “The Solution” to take back our economic livelihoods!  Here’s the 10 recommendation made by Henderson:  1) Introduce a Treasury Department-administered infrastructure investment fund, 2) The US needs to withdraw from the Bank of International Settlements, 3) De-link the dollar from all currency baskets and IMF special drawing rights, 4) Nationalize the Federal Reserve, 5) Cancel the $10 trillion debt to the Illuminati bankers, 6) Arrest the perpetrators. Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, 7) Forget just repealing the Bush tax cuts on the rich (higher taxes for higher income brackets),  8) Slash Pentagon spending,  9) Outlaw offshore banking by US citizens and corporations, and 10) Introduce single-payer health care and price controls on prescription drugs. It’s an instructive exercise just to absorb Henderson’s solution for financial emancipation.

A Jefferson quote begins article, including observation on banking cartel and their compulsion to pull debt lever: “Thomas Jefferson opined of the Rothschild-led Eight Families central banking cartel which came to control the United States, ‘Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of the day, but a series of oppressions begun at a distinguished period, unalterable through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing us to slavery’. Two centuries and a few decades later this same cabal of trillionaire money changers – mysteriously immune from their own calls for ‘broad sacrifice’ – utilizes the debt lever to ring concessions from the people of Ireland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and now the United States.”

For those too young, Henderson reminds rich paid more taxes in the past:  “The super-rich paid 90% under Eisenhower and 72% under Nixon. Both were Republicans. They now pay 33%. Most corporations and many elites utilize offshore tax havens and pay nothing.”  It’s certainly basis for his recommendation to go further than just repeal Bush tax cuts and impose higher taxes of Eisenhower Era in his recommendation #7.

Henderson sees though only a mighty sobering present state of affairs:  “Still, $14 trillion is an insurmountable debt. Increasing taxes on the super-rich combined with a global American military withdrawal from its current role as Hessianizedmercenary force for the City of London banksters, while welcome, will not be enough to deal with this monster debt, what Jefferson termed, this ‘deliberate, systematic plan of reducing us to slavery’.”

Henderson estimates major portion of $14 trillion debt is owed to the eight families and would cancel debt once Fed nationalized:  “The vast majority – around $10 trillion – is owed to the Eight Families Federal Reserve crowd.”  It’s got to be remembered Fed and the eight families thrive off interest paid on debt, so there’s every motivation to look for ways to increase debt, which has been the case,  since nearly first days the dollar was taken off the gold standard in 1971.

It’s made clear aid provided to the Fed never reaches the public and does little except enrich the banksters: “Through the recent QE2 program, the Fed purchased another $600 billion in Treasury bonds. They claimed it was a last ditch attempt to save the global economy from deflation. Instead, the banksters who got the interest free taxpayer-backed money pushed us further towards deflation by refusing to lend their welfare bonanza to potential homeowners or small business.”  This observation on QE money should pop any bubble the Fed is out to help you!  The present writer suspects money goes to ailing sister institutions in other countries and to executives who still try to hit the “Big Score.”

You’ve got to like Henderson’s touch.  Do you blame the victim?  Henderson states case for crime clearly:   “The wealth-destroying Eight Families banker elite are the perpetrators of the US debt crime. Should a woman who is raped serve the sentence of her rapist? That’s absurd. Then why should Americans or any other nation pay a fraudulent debt foisted upon them by con-men?”



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