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Who Controls Putin?

Who Controls Putin?

A growing list of dead bankers along with other recent events hint at a clandestine struggle in banking world!  Was 2013 banking crisis in Cyprus an attack on Russian assets?   Is there a surreptitious conflict taking place between Rothschild banking interests and Russia’s strong man, Vladimir Putin?   Dave Hodges writes insightful look into ongoing conflict, reproduced in easy reading format at War is Crime. The present writer finds an irrational sympathy creeping in for Putin, because much of the conflict directly borders Russia.  Also, aren’t most human beings tired of conflict and like to see war just go away?

Hodges examines seed of sympathy for Putin as a present day George Washington taking on evil banksters and exposes its error.  “Today, some are crediting Putin with paying off the Rothschild debt, kicking the banksters out of Russia and standing up to the New World Order in the same manner that the world witnessed Iceland jailing criminal bankers that had wrecked their economy. On the surface, the persona has been created that Putin is a freedom fighter against the NWO. If this is true, Putin will likely have a very short shelf life as Russia’s leader as history speaks clearly for itself on what happens to leaders who oppose the banksters.” writes Hodges.

Why would Putin be any different?  Putin does exude strength and may succeed with a strong Russia behind him where others have failed?

A summary of recent private central bank purges supplied by Hodges includes murder of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and Iraq’s Saddam Hussain: “When Libyan leader Gaddafi refused to help create an African Union currency and establish a central bank inside of the booming economy that was Libya, he was murdered for human rights violations against his people. Really? The Libyan government provided a house to newly married couples. Gas was 14 cents per gallon. Libya had no national debt. The Rothschild/ Rockefeller banksters could not tolerate a prosperous nation that they did not control through central banking. Did you know that the Libyan government paid for its citizens to go to college and paid for students to study abroad? The Libyan government provided its citizens with free health care and also paid for medical procedures to be performed in foreign countries. However, Gaddafi was taken out ‘for human rights violations.’  Let’s be clear, he was killed because Libya was profitable and not under the control of the banksters.”

“Saddam Hussein was murdered for the ‘human rights violations’ associated with selling oil for Euros. OK, he did gas the Kurds, but is was Bechtel that provided the means to carry out the act. Hussein was killed by the banksters over the Petrodollar, not because of what he did to the Kurds. Hussein was a genocidal maniac, but that is not why the banksters got his own people to execute him.”

Finally, Hodges pops heroic bubble that Putin may slay the Rothschild bankers by pointing out  – Russia supplies a significant percentage of Europe’s energy needs – a fact that simply runs counter to Putin standing truly independent.  Russia wouldn’t be supplying those energy needs without bankster approval.   “Maybe Putin is an unwilling stooge in this whole scenario. However, he is a former KGB Colonel, I do not see how he would NOT know the score of the game that he is playing in. Putin supplies Europe’s energy needs and the Rothschild’s sit on the sidelines and have just let it happen? Are any of you really stupid enough to believe this flawed belief system? What is more likely is that the banksters are controlling both sides of the for a desired outcome which is par for the course and consistent with past history…Whether or not Super Putin is a willing participant in the plans of the banksters is irrelevant. He and the Ukrainian leadership are playing their respective part in a pre-written script that was created for them in Basel. To believe otherwise, is to ignore the present facts as well as the lessons of history.” reminds Hodges.

Hodges brings us back to Earth, there are no more heroes only levels of ruthless treachery and deception.   You can listen to more in a recent interview of Dave Hodges.


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