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‘Tools R Us’ – West Works for Judeo Masonic NWO

 'Tools R Us' - West Works for Judeo Masonic NWO

Henry Makow explains in succinct entry if you haven’t figured out geopolitics, ” ‘Tools R Us’ – West Works for Judeo Masonic NWO.  “What do the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the ‘civil war’ in Syria and the ‘popular uprisings’ in Libya and Ukraine have in common?  They were all instigated and financed by the US and EU who are sock puppets of the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel. They were designed to remove governments not sufficiently subservient to this cartel that is behind the New World Order,” writes Makow.  The author would like to see a hero even one as untrustworthy and cruel as Putin,  Makow writes, “I am not sure if Putin has been cast in his role in order to instigate a world war, or whether he is sincere. I’d like to believe he is genuine,”  but sees things that “…suggests to me it’s all one Illuminati club.”   Putin’s position described by Makow as someone, “…quite able to read the tea leaves. He is next for a ‘popular uprising.’  The Neo Cons are openly calling for ‘regime change’ in Moscow. Putin has interfered with their occult imperialism.” Again, Makow tells a person all they need to know about Geopolitics 101:  “Our political leaders are middle level employees and bum boys of the banking cartel.”


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