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Who Killed Congressman Larry McDonald?

Who Killed Congressman Larry McDonald?

Who Killed Congressman Larry McDonald?  Congressman McDonald, John Birch Society chairman, perished aboard KAL007 after flight strayed into Soviet airspace on Sept 1, 1983, where it was shot down by a Soviet fighter jet.  Mae Brussell provides a possible motive for McDonald’s demise in a 1984 article, WHO KILLED CONGRESSMAN LARRY McDONALD? “The most important explanation for his tragic demise has to do with recent revelations about his [McDonald] clandestine activities. An earlier relationship between McDonald and President Reagan had started to surface before the crash. Their government espionage, concealed behind a cloak of righteous Americanism at any price, was about to be exposed…”

“The first indication that something was even more rotten than usual in California came on August 15, 1980, when Warren Hinckle – the former editor of Ramparts magazine – noted that the snooping of Jerry Ducote appeared to involve members of Ronald Reagan’s gubernatorial staff. (Ducote was a former sheriff’s deputy employed by Reagan’s backers, who infiltrated suspected subversive groups.)  ‘What is happening in Santa Clara County today is the germ of the biggest scandal of the next 1 1/2 years,’ Hinckle said. ‘People thought that with Watergate it was all over. But this is the next layer of Watergate.’ ”

“On January 4, 1983, nearly 2 1/2 years after Hinckle’s prediction, Detective Jay Paul of the Los Angeles Police Department supplied a weary team of investigators with what was going to be the connection between Larry McDonald and Ronald Reagan. That day marked the end of McDonald’s usefulness to the larger network he served. He had become a liability to some very important people…,” writes Brussell.  Police files ordered destroyed years earlier, were stolen instead and fed into a database. Brussell observes: “The information eventually wound up in the computer of the Western Goals Foundation. And lo and behold, the man who paid Ann Love was Representative Larry McDonald, head of Western Goals…Clearly, blacklisting hadn’t ended with the death of Senator Joseph McCarthy years before. The witch hunt never ceased.”

McDonald displayed two photographs on his congressional office wall: Joseph McCarthy and Augusto Pinochet.  Photographs seem to hint at fascist backing that benefited McDonald.  Still, as another article points out, McDonald was ahead of the curve on much of what should concern average Americans: “Larry McDonald was right about so much, and possessed the foresight to see today’s globalization, WTO, the EU super state and the dis- integration of the United States as a constitutional republic. Incredibly, McDonald also outlined … how the US federal government would eventually move towards socialism, and restrict the Second Amendment and gun ownership in America. A visionary, to say the least.”

The Corbett Report covered details of the KAL007 crash, in 2011, which appears a sophisticated operation to eliminate a political liability an RC-135 spy plane dovetailing with 007 fight at one point in doomed flight. Mae Brussell asked the larger question in McDonald’s fate, as in Ian Fleming’s 007: “In this case who gave the license to kill?


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