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Dupont Heir Robert Richards IV = Pedophile

Dupont Heir Robert Richards IV = Pedophile

Is it just another case of a wealthy individual buying justice?  Or, does the crime reveal perhaps a more engrained pattern in lives of these families?  The Dupont family remains extraordinarily wealthy – original wealth gained from production of gunpowder two hundred years ago and still hold great sway over public affairs in the state of Delaware.  The Duponts have been identified as an Illuminati bloodline.  Dupont heir Robert Richards IV escaped public scrutiny of child molestations against his own family members until his ex-wife brought a lawsuit for damages, reports Salon article:  “The case has only come to public attention this week because Richards’ ex-wife, Tracy Richards, has come forward with a Superior Court lawsuit ‘seeking compensatory and punitive damages for assault, negligence, and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress on his two children.’ Mrs. Richards says that her daughter, now aged 11, was assaulted several times by her father when she was a preschooler. Horrifyingly, the lawsuit, which includes information from the original criminal case, says the he ‘entered her bedroom at night while she slept and penetrated her with his fingers while masturbating.’ The incidents came to light when, her grandmother says, she told the woman she didn’t want “daddy touching me anymore.” The suit also alleges that Mr. Richards hinted in 2010 that ‘he sexually abused his son.'” 

The wealth question asked in other articles, also take a poke at sentencing judge’s comments: “‘In sentencing him, Judge Jan Jurden instead ordered him to participate in a treatment program for sex offenders but reasoned that the ‘defendant will not fare well in Level 5 [prison] setting.’”  Who does thrive in prison?  The present writer would only suggest does this represent tip of iceberg?  Pedophilia used in elite families as one mechanism of control over children, would only ask readers to consider what else goes along with it?


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