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Alien Deception

Alien Deception

Omegashock.com discusses Alien Deception in Weekend Shockcast.  John Little hosts and offers views on what the deception will look like.:  “…there are no aliens. There are no civilizations orbiting other stars. There are no star wars in galaxies far, far away. Or, if there are, they are demonic and no friends of ours.  These entities that everyone talks about are demons dressed up in space alien suits. And, they bring a message of war on earth and evil desire towards men. They are the forerunners of the Antichrist, and we must remember that, as this alien message continues to weave its way through popular culture…”

Little suggests the Anti-Christ will be an “alien” savior, as the host implores:  “…be prepared. A really tall tale is about to foisted on us, and we should be ready for it…Are you ready for this?”


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