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Pyramid Pins Adorn Jackets at Nuclear Security Summit

Pyramid Pins Adorn Jackets at Nuclear Security Summit

Michael Snyder spots pyramid pins at the Hague, “Barack Obama appears to be wearing an American flag, but almost all of the other presidents and prime ministers are wearing pyramids…,” as reported in an INTELLIHUBNEWS story Are they New World Order (NWO) pyramid pins?   The “All Seeing Eye” atop the pyramid on the back of United States dollar bill represents the eye of Horus, who is the reincarnation of his father Osirus. Snyder explains with detail not seen elsewhere:  “In the Egyptian picture language, the name Osiris is represented by the imagery of a throne, an eye and the profile of a man,“ in other words, he who has his eye on the throne.   Rob Skiba credited by Snyder for interpre- tation that represents “….a prophecy that reflects the occult belief that one day Osiris will rise again and take his place on the throne of ‘the New Order of the Ages’.”  What is more worrisome, Snyder seems spot on with comment: “The elite of the world are absolutely obsessed with this stuff, and they believe that the return of their occult Messiah is just around the corner.”   The story gets even more troubling with report world leaders played nuclear war games at summit and Russia suspended from G8, now, the G7 for annexing Crimea! 


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