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Environmentalism = New Dark Ages

Environmentalism = New Dark Ages

It may have crossed your mind, on the whole Western civilization seems in serious decline?  You would be correct and it’s by design.  The elite agenda puts us on a course to a new Dark Ages, where a drooling serf class tends to basic needs of the rich.   In an Illuminati News article, The Black Nobility,” it’s revealed:  “These ‘noble’ families are behind most if not all of the so-called pro-environmental movements that are actually intended to curb the population growth of ALL nations. Prince Philip and Prince Charles are the most visible symbols of this movement, and are a true part of this conspiracy to destroy industry and take the world back to a New Dark Age.”   The so-called “nobility” are threatened by industrialization and technology in the hands of the people. They want to turn back the clock! You may see a little clearer, now, results of multiple vaccines on young children and even childhood cancer, as an intentional means of disabling any threat to them!  Nah, nothing to see hear, please move along!


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