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Anthony Sutton Exposes Skull and Bones

Anthony Sutton Exposes Skull and Bones

Anthony Sutton impresses as an honest man, who was genuinely outraged, when he learned the West was supplying the Soviet Union with goods that ended up in products used by the North Vietnamese in the Vietnam conflict.   Sutton, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and an economics professor at California State University, followed up with research in the early eighties of the secret society at Yale, Skull and Bones, when he received a full membership list in the mail.   The result was the ground-breaking book by Sutton, America’s Secret Establishment:  An Introduction to the Order of the Skull & Bones.”  The author suggests in interview below, the secret society would be better described as a “Brotherhood of Death.”  The 15 candidates tapped for membership each year from Yale under- graduates  are called “Knights” and graduated brethren termed “Patriarchs.” Sutton explains as long as members cooperate and conduct themselves in line with society objectives, are virtually guaranteed financial success.   Sutton should be remembered for his warning against the Hegelian ploys used by the secret society and meant to benefit them at the expense of an unsuspecting public.   Here is a list of 15 of the most powerful Skull and Bones members.   Can you name the three Bonesmen who became Presidents?


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