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Multiple Car Pileups Reveal Loss of Humanity

Multiple Car Pileups Reveal Loss of Humanity

A recent 100-plus car pileup along Denver’s I-25 provides just another news report!  But, isn’t the message sent, pileups are a fact of life – an unavoidable hazard?  Wikipedia provides stats for multiple car collisions with listings for 300 car pileups, United States worst represent- ed by 216 car pileup in 2002 along I-710 in Los Angeles County.   What are we supposed to do?  We have to get to work?   It’s time for people to remove themselves from danger!   It may mean missing work for a day or even changing residence.   The present writer finds it alarming incidents are only viewed as a cost of making a living!  People seem compelled to get to work in bumper-to-bumper traffic!  A caffeine-induced compulsion to make it through the day with some loss of judgement?  Is a person’s self-image in dashing off in bumper-to-bumper traffic one of must get there or be replaced?    People are treating themselves like units.


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