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Hastings and Walker: Drones Over America

Hastings and Walker:  Drones Over America

Michael Hastings and Paul Walker died in fiery car crashes this past year. The crashes are incredibly extensive as revealed by pictures left (Walker top, Hastings bottom).  This brief article intends to keep incidents from disappearing into the collective memory hole.   Dave Hodges simply observes in an article on Hastings, “I do see an imploded pit in the back of the car. A bomb would produce an outward explosion, but that is not what I see. I think he was killed by a drone.”  Pictures can reveal more than a thousand words!   Truther.org  offers similar observation in Walker crash:  “There is a huge round-like crater in the middle of the car which can only be explained by a high-impact missile strike.”  Did Richard Clarke offer “car hacked” explanation as a desperate ploy to distract from hideous reality, drone attacks may already be standard operating procedure?   You may drop below fold to view video that breaks out occult numbers on Walker crash!


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