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Satanic Crime: Barbours and Murder by the Numbers

Satanic Crime:   Barbours and Murder by the Numbers

An important skill for the Age of Aquarius remains an ability to recognize an occult signature.    A former Satanist offers interpretation of activities by Elytte and Miranda Barbour that led up to murder on Elytte’s birthday.   An Examiner article, Satanic crime – murder by numbers, the Barbours and the number 1 (and 11),” offers insightful breakdown of what can only be considered an occult signature.  Adele Neveling, author of book Bloedoffer,”  reveals possible significance of numbers associated with a satanist’s birthday.   Neveling offers her insight, “…the possible numerological significance of the date and time of the ad [Craigslist Ad used to lured victim] as Nov. 1 at 1:11 am is a combination of ones: 11/1 and 11/11. As she puts it:  ‘The relevance to satanism in the Pennsylvania case is that important satanic dates are usually dictated by the satanic calendar, but each satanist’s birthday is also regarded as an important day in satanic celebrations …All the 1’s are related to the personal satanic date connected to the accused’s birth date. In numerology, the 1 symbolizes strength, determination, unwavering and with specific goals in mind. The 1 can turn dreams and ideas into reality.”

“We will add that not only is the number 1 of significance but also the number 11. This number was of the utmost importance within the magickal system of Aleister Crowley…  In fact, not only is November an 11 and the time is two 11s but Elytte Barbour’s birthday was 22 which is 11 plus 11.”

It seems worth paying attention to the numbers!


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