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Johnny Gosch Linked to both Bushes and Blair

Johnny Gosch Linked to both Bushes and Blair

AANGIRFAN blows mind with full survey of abduction on September 5,1982 of Johnny Gosch, a West Des Moines paperboy – over thirty years later!   Pedophiles cannot like AANGIRFAN, but it’s exactly the necessary tenacity to shrink blatant pigs’ audacity.  Pigs will think twice if they fear possibility of being hounded for remainder of their lives!   The abduction involved perps, Paul Bonacci and Michael Aquino, who also played roles in 1988 Franklin Coverup of Omaha, NE, one of the most egregious crimes in American history.  “The Franklin Cover UP” written by John Decamp still available online in pdf.  AANGIRFAN goes one better to link male prostitute, suspected to be Johnny Gosch, as playing role in ending Tony Blair’s chances at office of European President.   An ex-spy leaked dirt on Blair to a blog, where it surfaced and “….when the Germans realised that Blair was borrowing male prostitutes from George Bush, they didn’t feel too happy allowing him to be the first President of the European Union.  Blair was in effect blocked…”  Hats off to AANGIRFAN!


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