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Why Media Minimizes Miranda Barbour’s Claims

Why Media Minimizes Miranda Barbour's Claims

Media minimizes cult killings and even denies their existence, because, authorities and power citizens are cult members in many  cases.  Powerful elite are given a pass on their degenerate needs.  A recent article on Miranda Barbour asks $64,000,000 question (adjusted for inflation) about her claims, Is 19-Year-Old Miranda Barbour Really a Mass Murderer?”    A chorus of denial reads through much of the article:   “Alaska State Troopers issued a state- ment saying they’re not aware — yet — of any information implicating Barbour in any homicide aside from the one she’s been arrested for.  Authorities where Barbour lived in North Carolina said they have no unsolved murders that might match up to her claims.  The prosecutor in the LaFerrara case has said he doesn’t believe her.”

Any reader should step back for a moment to ask, “what does Miranda have to gain?”  The present reader sees only a life of woe ahead for Miranda, our boastful perp, in other words Miranda has little to gain.   It’s much more likely, authorities need to cover up leaks of mass murder, before public catches a good glimpse of a very dangerous, brutal element present in our society!  An unsavory element that’s been with us for a long time.  The present writer has also grown to suspect entire notion of  “serial killers”  involves a carefully crafted fiction, as a means, to distract from and aid in the cover up of satanic cult killings. It would be a mistake to ignore an upbringing which screams cult indoctrination.

Miranda presents a background that seems certainly one of growing up in a cult.   Miranda’s early life as summarized in article:  “Sexually abused at age 4 by her uncle, Barbour, who grew up in Alaska, was a repeated runaway and in and out of rehabs for heroin. At 14, she told her parents she’d joined a Satanic cult. She said she was ushered into the cult by a 25-year-old man named Forrest whom she called her ‘ruler’ and later is said to have impregnated her and helped her commit her first murder, holding the gun with her. Said her mother, Elizabeth Dean: ‘She told me that this man owns her and she has to do whatever he says … She said he branded her by carving a swastika on the back of her neck and his name on her thigh’.”

Last November, in Sunbury, PA, Miranda and Elytte Barbour (picture) killed a man responding to their Craig’s List sex ad. Miranda stabbed the victim over 20 times, while her husband kept the man restrained by choking him from the backseat.  The present writer can only imagine a 19 year old woman capable of such violent behavior, when every positive emotion has been stripped away from her life.  It’s a much scarier prospect, there are more Mirandas out there and growing in numbers.  It’s time for the human race to begin the hard work of regaining our humanity!


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