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Third Eye: Freemasonry’s Ancient Universal Religion

Third Eye:  Freemasonry's Ancient Universal Religion

Richard Cassaro identifies ancient religion as practiced down through time in article, Awakening Our Third Eye – Freemasonry’s Ancient “Universal Religion Revealed.” Cassaro sees similarities in ancient religions worldwide (picture) and believes it constitutes a – “lost” (to the profane) – universal religion: “The ‘Eye-In-The-Triangle’ above a truncated pyramid on the back of the $1 bill is a Masonic ‘memorial’ to an ancient ‘Universal Religion’ that flourished worldwide. The remnants of this religion are still visible in the eerily parallel ruins of truncated Pyramids and Eye symbols among many civilizations. Pyramids were temples where believers engaged in a powerful mystical practice called ‘Awakening Our Third Eye,’ long banned by the Church, yet long safeguarded by Western Secret Societies.”

The religion dates back to the times of Atlantis and represented a higher spirituality, according to Cassaro. “Practitioners focused on trying to open a luminous and mystical ‘Third Eye,’ said to be hidden in the human forehead.  This Third Eye is believed to be the remnant organ from a higher, more sophisticated, and more spiritual form of humanity that lived on earth during an antediluvian “Golden Age,” attested to by the ancients and by classical historians as ‘Babel,’ ‘Shambhala’ and ‘Atlantis.'” Cassaro certainly stimulates thought and seems to be onto something!


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