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“V” Guerrilla Economist: Banker Deaths Not Suicides

'V' Guerrilla Economist:  Banker Deaths Not Suicides

V” Guerrilla Economist doesn’t sugar coat numerous banker deaths in recent Coast to Coast (C2C) interview (gets started at 10:00 minute mark for half an hour), viewing them as house cleaning to keep number of those with guilty knowledge to a minimum.  LIBOR scandal, precious metals and FOREX (foreign exchange currency markets) are “trifecta” of corrupt markets that will collapse economy, according to interview.  “V” views collapse as actually beginning in 2012 with LIBOR scandal, current rash of banker deaths betray wheels are coming off economy in 2014 and sees collapse in 2015.  You may also visit guerrilla economist’s website at rogue.net.   Occult101 suspects 99 year mission of Federal Reserve has reached completion.  The doors are open as never before for a new world financial order without the Anglo-American axis at its hub!


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