profane but enlightened

Henry Lee Lucas, Ottis Toole and Bush Crime Family


Perhaps, it’s better to illustrate much more complex relationships with murkier ties than ever imagined by providing simple facts.    The celtic rebel pointed out in 2007 long odds of two Bush family members, George W and Jeb Bush, providing relief from death sentences for two serial killers!

Henry Lee Lucas (picture, left) gained clemency from death sentence, when, in 1998, the Texas Board of Pardon and Parole voted to commute Lucas’s death sentence to life imprisonment, in accordance with Governor George W. Bush’s request.

Ottis Toole (picture,right) received two death sentences but on appeal they were commuted to life in prison,” while Jeb Bush was Florida’s governor. Why, the kind acts for seemingly lost souls?

The contradictions get better, when it’s noted, Texas and Florida are notorious states because of their execution records with very few death row inmates, escaping fate.   The picture becomes more appalling after reading perps press, Lucas was deemed responsible for hundreds of murders. Toole was an admitted cannibal also convicted of murdering his own mother.

Lucas went on to clear local authorities’ open murder cases in an extended tour in the eighties.   The alleged confessions were just as often recanted by Lucas, and seemed to present writer, a mockery of system.  Lucas died in 2001 of heart failure and Toole of liver disease in 1996, both, in prison. The question overlooked, which authorities will never ask, were Lucas and Toole good soldiers for a crime family?  Lucas hinted at times to that very possibility!


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