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September 11th – The Occult Connection

 September 11th - The Occult Connection

Over twelve years later, a growing recognition settles in about 9/11, it represents a watershed event.  Democracy fell in the United States that day with the towers.  The present writer remains convinced of importance in developing ability to recognize occult signatures meant to inform those “in the know” and simultaneously mock those living in ignorance: “the profane.”  William Ramsey describes occult signatures in article, September 11th – the Occult Connection.”  Ramsey felt compelled to research occult connections to 9/11 and admits a learning curve, but an amazing case results for United and American Airlines Flight numbers as occult calling cards.  Ramsey lists “Flight “11” as representing Aleister Crowley “Magick.” “Flight 77,” the number spelled in Hebrew as “Ayin Zayin” or “Oz” meaning strength. “The cabalistic gematria values of the Greek words Thelema (Will), Agape (Love) and Aiwass in Crowley’s magical system equate to the number 93,” adds Ramsey, “Liber 175 in Crowley’s magick system is a ritual used to invoke any deity…”  Ramsey goes on to conclude:

“These numbers are essential to the occult, magical system devised by Aleister Crowley. Thus, Crowley’s most important numbers, or ‘prime’ numbers, were inserted in to the 9/11 event intentionally. The likelihood that the numbers appear at random are infinitesimal. I also argue that the numbers 11, 93, 77, and 175 represent a signaling function to all Crowley’s followers in the global occult community that the events were an ‘inside job.’ Thus, based on the numerical markers, we can observe the demonic, Crowleyean influence upon the events of 9/11 and sense the hidden, occult agenda behind the event.”

Vyzygoth interviews Ramsey about occult symbolism from his book, “Prophet of Evil, Aleister Crowley, 9/11 And The New World Order.”   Occult symbolism appears associated with 9/11, but does it go further?  Was 9/11 a Megaoccult Ritual?  You can read past post, where 9/11 viewed through lens of a mass ritual in: “The Most Dangerous Book in the World.”


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