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What Did Arthur C. Clarke Know About ‘Things To Come’?

What Did Arthur C. Clarke Know About 'Things To Come'?

Did Arthur C Clarke encourage close friend and movie director, Stanley Kubrick, to watch an old H.G. Wells sci-fi movie?  Clark passed in 2008, but believed to be a high level mason, also rumored to have privileged access to secret knowledge through freemasonry.  There are rumors Clarke was given access to full knowledge of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi Library soon after discoveries in 1940s?  Clarke rumored to also incorporate some of this privileged knowledge in his own writings, and possibly, also passed along to Kubrick.  Things to Come, a 1936 sci-fi movie made from a Wells essay, The Shape of Things to Come,” seems clearly an occult manifesto with actor Raymond Massey as film’s star.  Massey as John Cabal (name selection should be tip, there’s occult subject matter here) reveals in movie’s early stages a freemasons air group called “Wings Over The World,” seek an end to barbaric nation states in belief air superiority and a brotherhood of science will prevail.   A charitable synopsis summarizes movie presented as future history.  Movie includes some curious dark age episodes, one of a “wandering plague,” striking in its similarity to our present “Zombie” outbreak and also flying freemasons’ “gas of peace” to subdue barbarous tribal states, here, chemtrails come to mind.

Wells possesses sufficient foresight to envision those who will want to remain human and resist tech rule.  Above synopsis explains:  “”Still, there are those who don’t like all this progress, chief among them disgruntled sculptor Theotocopulos (Cedric Hardwicke). Believing that humanity has been sacrificed for the sake of technology, Theotocopulos leads an attack on a missile base, where a huge cannon-like device prepares to hurl the first manned spacecraft to the moon. The film closes with the great-grandson of John Cabal (again Massey), gesturing towards the heavens, predicting the wonders to come: ‘All the universe… or nothing. Which shall it be?’ Though its special effects and production design are undeniably impressive, Things to Come seldom involves us emotionally. Perhaps Theotopulos was right all along: Humanity does fly out the window when machinery takes over….”    Did Clarke fully inform Kubrick on occult agenda and encourage producer to watch movie as an intended future history?   Wells goes on to write in 1940 a book titled, “The New World Order.”  Should we be asking if it’s all scripted?


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