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H.G. Wells: Prophet of the NWO


Researcher Fritz Springmeier  asks question – coming into greater relief for everyone – in 2011 Makow website entry, H.G. Wells: Prophet of the NWO,”  “Is there any proof that events in the world are following a script?”   Springmeier adds:   “The question has intrigued me because many people with inside knowledge have told me of attending meetings where the script of the future was outlined, 200-yr. plans, 40-year plans, 20, 10, and 5-year plans.  The futuristic predictions of H.G. Wells (a socialist Masonic Prophet) prove that indeed much more is contrived than the man in the street could imagine.”  The present writer would submit, after any study, it must be considered whether our history is largely a contrived one and only makes sense that a plan as guidance would be crucial for any civilization.

Wells was more than a visionary, Springmeier points out Wells’ role as an agent of change:  “Not only did H.G. Wells predict modern warfare, the bombing of London, atom bombs, the League of Nations, stealth fighters over Iraq, space flight and countless other details of the future, far in advance of their eventual happening, as well as mapping out in detail how a New World Order could be created, but he participated in causing events to take place.”

Springmeier reveals Wells’ involvement in League of Nations, Russian Revolution and meeting President Franklin D Roosevelt during New Deal thirties period:  “He was a major player to create the League of Nations. When the Russian Revolution occurred, H.G. Wells (who was known simply as H.G.) went to Russia to trade ideas with Lenin on how to follow up the Revolution to create a New World Order. They disagreed, and parted disliking each other. (The disagreement stemmed over H.G.’s vision that the elite families through business and technology would create the New Order. Lenin wanted to socialize things directly through strong government.)  Much later in 1934, H.G. visited personally with FDR in the U.S. and Stalin in Moscow. (By the way, all three were Freemasons.)   After visiting with FDR, H.G. declared that the “United States…[was] the most effective transmitting instrument possible for the coming of the new world order.”  It’s not a trivial observation, by the way, all three:  Stalin, Lenin and Roosevelt were freemasons, they are agents in an agenda!

The titles of Wells’ works, according to Springmeier, reveal role played by Wells in conditioning public, “‘Anticipation’ and ‘Things to Come’ and the way they were written, and it is evident that he is psychologically conditioning the public to accept the stages of the New World Order as if they were self-evident.”

Views shared by H G Wells much in line with Illuminati, Springmeier adds: ” H.G. despised the lower classes and promoted the idea that the elite’s big businesses would lead us into the New World Order along with technology and technocrats that run that technology….H.G. strongly believed in racial eugenics to kill the inferior races and useless eaters. He believed the state should educate people and control their minds to obediently serve the state. He believed in social engineering. He was opposed to Christians being allowed to teach their children about God, and religious toleration.”

Was Wells a freemason?  Springmeier contends his research returns a resounding yes:  “…Mason’s Lodges had not publicly recognized him [Wells] being a member. There are a certain set of members whose membership they perpetually keep quiet about. I based my assertion that he was a Freemason on my back issues of the Scottish Rite’s New Age magazine that I had been fortunate to buy going back to almost WW I. These magazines treated him like they did members, as well as referring to him as a ‘masonic prophet’. On the other side of things, H.G. in his books/movies makes references to Freemasonry and uses Masonic imagery/symbols.”  The present writer would submit, it seems obvious at this point and would add, readers who worship some of these prolific writers – may be surprised at how much backing and assistance – contributed to their success!


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