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Ground Hog’s Day AKA Imbolg

Ground Hog's Day AKA Imbolg

IlluminatiWatcher.com does great job uncovering occult ritual right in front of us – if only we have “eyes to see.”  In post, Illuminati & occult symbolism of Groundhog’s Day aka Imbolg,” reader reminded where Imbolg (aka Imbolc) resides on occult holiday calender, “…[Imbolg] marks the beginning of spring and is placed at the halfway point between the winter solstice and spring equinox. It was originally based on worshipping the goddess Brighid in Irish mythology, and is still celebrated to this day by Wicca and Pagans. It is considered a night of sacrifice, implying that a ritualistic human sacrifice should be performed as an offering to the gods and goddesses. They celebrate it February 1-2nd, which leads us to the first connection: Groundhog’s Day.”

All occult worship dates back to god/goddess worship of Nimrod/Semirammis in Babylon, according to this blog’s take on festival: “The groundhog is symbolic of the Earth Mother (because it lives in the earth). We can connect this to the information on gods and goddesses and we know that Semiramis (the goddess revered as the Earth Mother) has been hibernating (like the groundhog; both are earth creatures with Semiramis being the Earth Goddess). Both of these symbols hibernate over the winter season as the people await their arrival. The groundhog is also symbolic of rebirth and spring, just like the goddess who will make her official appearance on March 21st.”

An undeniable comparison, made in blog, provides convincing argument as to pagan nature of Ground Hog’s Day:  “The largest celebration of Groundhog’s Day is in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. The Punxsutawney groundhog proclamation is a ritual performed by 13 men dressed in black, which sounds very much similar to a coven of 13 witches dressed in black…[picture, above right].”

A familiarity with Occult Calendar seems almost essential.  The present writer became convinced of occult agenda at work around us, only through sheer number of events associated with the calendar.  It’s undeniable and as hidden powers force us more and more into an occult society – important!


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