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Two American Bankers Commit Suicide in London

Two American Bankers Commit Suicide in London

Two American bankers in London commit suicide (as onlookers gawk at one corpse all AM as body left until mid-day to be removed) (picture)!  Do suicides reflect larger collapse or just another painful turn of many yet to come on much longer path?   The present writer predicts economic collapse in 2014 to bring America to its knees, where people will beg for any solution.  Elite will offer a new worldwide currency to replace dysfunctional dollar and show their largesse by forgiving debt – extending a welcoming hand to the new order with a debt jubilee!   Prediction stems from belief, the Federal Reserve functions primarily as a cult and only secondarily as a Central Bank.  The secondary function representing only a means to an end.  Our Central Bank serves only those who own our world.  The goal is the old One World Order (more recently, New World Order), where everyone lives under its yolk.  The Federal Reserve fulfilled its 99 year esoteric mission on December 23, 2013 and will soon be replaced.  A reader must also ask how long does it take to remove a body?  Is there trauma-based psychological op at work?  Nah, it’s just an  inefficient-incompetent system, the usual refrain, slow to get anything done!  Please keep moving or you may suffer similar fate – if you stop and think!


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