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Santa Muerte Worship On The Rise


Yes, evil is on the rise!  The present writer remembers a time when it was shocking to read of a murder in newspapers!  Now, simple murder doesn’t register on the shock meter.  Mexico dealing with 80,000 drug cartel related deaths in past few years, experiencing rise also in Santa Muerte worship.   A rise in exorcisms has accompanied the deaths, an attempt, to assist individuals so immersed in debauched activities, at least, seem demon possessed!   “The female folk icon is depicted as a skeleton shrouded in a cloak, a la the Grim Reaper, in statues that are ubiquitous in Mexican shops and roadside stands. Sometimes sporting a tiara, sometimes covered in cash, Santa Muerte is credited with everything from bringing wealth and health to protecting illegal drugs and the cartel criminals who ferry them…The folk saint — who dates to 18th century Spanish Catholics in Mexico — is immensely popular in Latin America and even the United States. But she is equally unpopular with the Mexican government. Soldiers and federal police continually tear down roadside shrines to her — many of them erected by illegal cartels — because the presence of Santa Muerte is believed to glorify crime syndicates and their debauchery. Crackdowns on the sites escalated in recent years after cartel members started leaving Santa Muerta artifacts at the scenes of mass killings and extreme worshippers started making…human sacrifices to her. “ informs article.

R. Andrew Chesnut, author of Devoted to Death: Santa Muerte, the Skeleton Saint,” covers history and current manifestation of Santa Muerte worship, narco-saint, in a forty-five minute 2012 discussion below.


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