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The Hidden Meaning of New Year

The Hidden Meaning of New Year

GnosticWarrior.com (GW) explains true meaning of New Year in well-done article. “Today, January 1st is one of those holidays many people think is just about partying and bringing in the New Year with some new resolutions that they never keep. But in reality, this day has a deeper meaning you are probably unaware of. The name of the month January is derived from the two-faced god with the Latin name of Janus. The reason he has two faces is because one face looks back into the past, and the other face forward to the future. This is essentially what happens right at New Years Eve when you countdown to midnight which is the ending of one year and the beginning of a brand new year filled with new hopes and dreams. A time to put an end to the past year which is now old and begin fresh with a new year.”  A GW podcast covers same material in brief six minute audio format!  Any listener may find something new and informative about our ancient traditions!


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