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Origins of Yule: Occult Connection


Advent of Deception (AOD) provides excellent short summary of pagan festivals, including Yule (an archaic term for Christmas) that occur around December 25th.  AOD informs:  “Pagan holiday called Yule takes place on the day of the winter solstice, around December 21. On that day (or close to it), the earth’s axis tilts away from the sun in the Northern Hemisphere, and the sun reaches at its greatest distance from the equatorial plane. As a festival of the Sun, the most im- portant part of any Yule celebration is light — candles, bonfires, and more.”   Candles are an indication of festivity’s pagan origins, according to AOD, “…extensive use of candles is usually a very good indication that the service is pagan…”  Yule represents sun worship as it occurs on the winter solstice.

AOD breaks down yearly cycle for readers to make its significance more evident:  “The Sun has been moving away from the Northern Hemisphere up until the Winter Solstice. The 3 day gap from the 21st and 25th of December no appended minutes to the Sunrise occur. On the 25th of December, the sunlight increases 14 seconds and the days start getting longer from 12/21 up until the Summer Solstice. Thus, the predominate Sun worshiping celebration for the Winter Solstice occurred on December 25 or 3 days after. The number 3 is the foundational number for the occult.”  Traditional customs of Yule include burning the Yule Log and partaking of spiced ale drink – or Wassailing.

Doc Marquis provides fascinating details on “Yule Log” tradition (32 minute mark) in his video, Occult Holidays.”  Marquis notes portion of log kept for next year to light the following year’s log to insured a continuity of cycle.  AOD recommends a severe prohibition against traditions: “The only remedy of action for the Independent Spiritual Seeker is non-participation.”   The present writer views festivities as a slow seduction, where people ultimately lose themselves and their souls!


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