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Asherah: The Christmas Tree Custom

Asherah: The Christmas Tree Custom

Origins of our Christmas tree may shock readers? We seem to know little of our holidays’ ancient past?  An illustrative article, Asherah – The Christmas Tree Custom,” makes clear roots of our tree custom:

“Asherah (picture) is known in Scripture as the ‘Queen of Heaven’, and is called ‘Artemis’ by the Ephesians in the book of Acts (chapter 19)… The image of Asherah was a tree used by the Pagan Canaanites and Phoenicians. One of these Pagan Phoenicians was ‘Jezebel'(Izebel), who married Ahab, king of Israel (Samaritan king)…When northern Israel was dispersed into the nations by the Assyrians in 722 BCE, they carried this ‘tree’ custom with them. The lost tribes of dispersed Israel have preserved one of their most cherished Pagan customs among them: the Christmas tree…Christmas has been celebrated for 5000 years by Pagans, it simply has a new name and application. The Romans used ‘womb-wreaths’ at Saturnalia… Although the original concept of Asherim [plural of Asherah] worship has remained hidden from the general public…acceptance of the solstice tree is drawn directly from the Pagan worship, transformed for public consumption.”

Occult symbols presented as something else for viewing public, are almost everywhere one cares to look!


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