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Society Controlled by Christmas-Hating Satanic Cult

Society Controlled by Christmas-Hating Satanic Cult

Henry Makow points out obvious that Christmas. a religious holiday, slowly being eroded into a secular facsimile in recent blog, “Society Controlled by Christmas-Hating Satanic Cult.”   Makow floats inquiry, “Why use a generic term, holidays? Why can’t Christians mention the actual holly day, Christmas?”  Alas, Makow already knows the answer: “Society increasingly resembles a cult where people are intimidated to act and think in a certain way. It’s called being ‘politically correct.’ …Like a scorpion that paralyses its victim’s mental faculties, the Illuminati have convinced Christians that their beliefs are in bad taste. All in the name of ‘human rights’ and tolerance…”

A reader may still wonder why Illuminati would go to such lengths?  It’s a psyop, substituting an empty material object – purchases,  tranasctions – in place of genuine self-sustaining spirituality. “Now the Cabalist (Illuminati Jews and Masons, i.e Satanists) who own media and politicians have eviscerated Christmas…now we accept our role as interest-bearing debt-cows…Where before we performed selfless deeds, now we show our Faith by racking up debt. Who will spend more? Will consumers demonstrate more devotion this year than last? It’s the ‘religion’ of the money-changers.”  There’s little money in genuine self-sustaining spirituality for the greedy, a person simply doesn’t need most of these material objects that clutter their lives.   Objects require a person’s attention while managing their immediate environment, enslaving oneself in a mundane but very effective manner.   Yes, a person needs some things to maintain a sense of well-being, but don’t allow it to dominate you through pride or ego!   Makow also identifies Christmas-Hating Satanic Cult for you in a previous blog, The Satanic Cult That Rules the World.”  It’s time to wake up to the manipulation!


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