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Coast to Coast Federal Reserve Show With Michael Rivero

Michael Rivero, What Really Happened webmaster and show host, discussed Federal Reserve Bank last October with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM.  The October show went viral!  Rivero has also produced video (a narrated version of original article here),All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars,” an excellent survey of roles played by private Central Banks in nation’s history.  A companion post covers Rivero’s work on succession of Central Banks in the United States.  Jack Blood and Rivero had phenomenal discussion last month on Federal Reserve and JFK – a must listen!  The present writer believes path to salvation rests with existing laws to allow US Treasury to issue currency in place of debt-based Federal Reserve Notes!  Rivero wants to see money used much as public utility and would be great to see him crown his present work with strong plea for US Treasury Notes!


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