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Ten Minute Financial Revelation

Ten Minute Financial Revelation

You didn’t learn about it in school, you won’t hear it on television, because it’s the crux of our current human servitude under yoke of a privately owned Central Bank!  The Federal Reserve Bank (Federal Reserve Bank of New York is the primary bank of Federal Reserve System and makes most important decisions), as Mike Rivero puts it in great article, All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars,” run by “money junkies,” and only want to perpetuate control and exploitation.  The banksters are willing to go to any lengths to keep their control mechanism in place – debt-based money.  Money is their sacred tool and goose that laid the golden egg all at the same time!  You Tube video, Meet the CRIMINAL FAMILY…,”provides ten minute revelation on our current financial predicament. Any viewer will be forced to consider role privately-owned Central Banks have played in enslaving public. The Rothschilds are principal owners of these entities foisted upon shoulders of a trusting public throughout our country’s history. A strong movement to have a President issue money out of the US Treasury represents path to salvation.  Executive Order 11110 signed by John F.Kennedy in 1963,  possibly, could still be enforced.  It would have to be crystal clear in public’s mind that if anything would happen to the President that his intent to have the Treasury print money remain in place!  You’re just ten minutes away from revelation below!


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